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HBD Cake Candle

HBD Cake Candle


HBD Cake Candle
A special cake. Don't be surprised, it's a candle that looks like a cake! These cake candles are vibrant, plump, have a super cute design, and a delicious scent. We recommend this cake candle as a birthday or anniversary gift! It can be stored for a long time, and each candle comes with red boxed packaging, postcards and firecrackers.



  • 100% soy wax extracted from natural beans
  • Organice Fragrance Oil


Color • Fragrance Oil

Red • Garden Sweet Peach Scented

  • feminine and elegant fragrance. a breezy and sweet fragrance, mingled with pears, peaches, rosewood and freesias.

Yellow • Sugar Lemon Scented

  • a sugary aroma of lemon. Clean and fresh lemon scent with lovely sweetness

Mint • Cherry Blossom Scented

  • a light and refreshing scent of cherry and delicate cherry blossoms